Simplified SEO Long Lasting Strategy for 2017

2017 is marching towards us and it’s going to be a fierce year for competing in Google rankings considering the insane amount of e-commerce stores, blogs and new businesses are created every single day! And what would be a sweeter way to make sales than by letting clients find you themselves! You don’t do the chasing, you don’t even have to cold call people – just keep your doors open and have clients come straight to you.

Sounds too easy? Well, duh. There’s competition. And a lot of it. In fact, a lot of website owners have completely given up in terms of SEO and have opted for paid traffic instead, which has it’s merits, but today I’m going to deliver you a failproof strategy to climb in rankings for the year 2017 amongst other pointers.

SEO long lasting strategy for 2017

Let’s get obvious out of the way: mobile responsiveness

Right, you must’ve heard that from over dozen sources now, but Google is now going to prioritize mobile friendly sites in their search indexing algorithm. Mobile responsiveness has been a hype word among web developers for the whole past decade now, but now it’s time to really get serious about it. But this comes with pros and cons, not every “mobile responsive” site means that it’s actually structured after SEO algorithms that Google would rather prefer. There’s a difference! Stick to the SEO fundamentals: clear navigation, proper tag use and avoid from keyword stuffing. You can be as “responsive” as you wish to, but if you don’t have proper keywords then your clients will never find you!

UX Design vs SEO

Speaking of hype words then UX/UI Designers is the recent hype that everybody gets the tingles about. I’ve witnessed a lot of commercial businesses improve their site’s user experience by applying more aesthetic design, but in process sacrifice a lot of SEO rankings. The fact is that user experience and SEO are in a completely different field. One is to please the human eye and the second is to please the Google robots. Different languages and a lot of time people get lost in the UX design. Why so hostile against UX designers? Well, I’m a web designer of 8 years and this current label is a complete marketing gimmick. Web designers have always stood for maximum user experience AND user interface, back in the days when we didn’t have every second site built on WordPress, we actually had to build an interface, frame and design on it. ah, the good times! The take-away from this paragraph is to not let be fooled by design only, do not forget fundamental SEO.

Who’s the king: content vs private blog networks?

Content marketers have coined the phrase “content is the king” and live by it, but SEOs have started adopting a different strategy recently: applying PBNs. PBNs work, period. I’m not here to deny that, but the question is how long will they work? If you run a legitimate, long term business then I would not recommend going that route, it’s essentially tricking Google to gain more artificial authority towards your website. It works. You get better rankings. But what will happen in few months is hard to predict as Google as proven to be fighting against SEO strategies actively. Google hates SEO people, there’s no doubt in that. But why? Well, simply put, Google wants all the people to spend money on Adwords, which is their primary income so, therefore, offering a cheaper alternative (SEO) to get more clients is just putting them out of business (figuratively speaking). But is content the king? I can’t crown it king, but content definitely holds strong value. Niche sites are becoming history and 2017 is definitely the year to start adding more content, as Google would much rather prefer authority sites than small one-pagers. Common sense!

The SEO fundamentals

The most simple SEO advice ever that other SEOs don’t want you to know: keep a proper navigation, take good use of your keywords and have enough content to actually be visible. Yeah, that’s it. No fancy multi-tiered backlinking systems, buying PBNs or manipulating the algorithm with bought social signals or high retention views.

Point blank, keep it manual and natural

Google has been fighting for ages to fight off all automated systems so my golden rule is to keep things manual and natural. Too many people go the “easy route” only to later find out that they’ve been punished in SERPs. Google has made it clear as the sky that they want natural, manual, real user content and they have a strict policy against cheap, spun, one-pagers.

Does that mean affiliate marketers are screwed in 2017?

Absolutely not. This post has nothing to do with affiliate marketers, this is the simplified strategy for business owners to keep their websites safe. Affiliate marketers will always find a way to play the system, but more about that in my later posts

Bonus: 3 Elements Google just loves

  • Fast loading speed
  • Videos, especially Youtube
  • Social signals

That’s it, have a safe 2017 in Google!


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