SEO Project: Stealing all the Christmas sales

Welcome to my SEO project that has been inspired by the upcoming Christmas! I’m talking about ranking Amazon affiliate site from ground zero to Christmas-ready within one month and a few days extra! That’s right! On top of that I’ve never created an Amazon site before, I’m going to do this with minimal budget for tools and I’m going to do it on a new domain. I named the store after my best friend.

But isn’t Christmas too competitive?

No such thing as “too competitive”! Where’s competition, there’s money! I usually recommend people to go for long term keywords also, but I’m convinced I can rank for “hard to rank for” keywords and I’m going to show it as transparently I possibly can in my case study on how I am going to achieve this.

But isn’t Amazon oversaturated?

I thought so already back at 2008. But let me remind you of something: Amazon had a revenue of $107 Billion in 2015 alone. $107 Billion. Trust me, there’s room for everybody and so much more where that came from. 2016 is already reported to be much bigger, so what’s the best time other than Christmas for the final sprint?

But aren’t seasonal sites bad?

Yes and no. This is arguable, but it’s not that hard to expand to other major niches afterwards.

But isn’t it too late?

I think it is, actually. But I’m going against the odds with this one.

Why am I doing this?

I have a strong belief that 99% of SEO “specialists” use completely outdated methodology and I want to prove it, by ranking for what’s considered extremely hard to rank for. Ranking versus companies that have millions in budget for marketing and SEO. Rank against “superaffiliates” and all that doing with minimal budget and completely 100% white hat, manual and naturally.

I also have every intention to follow the long proven K.I.S.S method – Keep It Stupid Simple! That’s right. Just simplify everything, guide my readers through every step and show what I am doing.

The action plan – I present you the “Oversimplified 10 part Step by Step System”

  1. Niche selection – Christmas!
  2. Buy a hosting and domain – Done!
  3. Keyword research – In progress
  4. Competition analysis – In progress
  5. Content creation – To do
  6. The Secret Ingredient #1 – In progress (But I thought this was a transparent SEO case study? It is! You’ll find it out when the time is right!)
  7. The Secret Ingredient #2 – To do
  8. Social Signals – To do
  9. SEO work on- and off-page – To do
  10. Optimize website, play around with CTA, do some A/B split testing

Wait, is that it? That sounds like some basic write-up that any 14 year could come up with! And I agree with you! SEO is not nearly as complicated as people make it to believe and I am going to prove it!

Tools of trade

I’m too lazy to add my affiliate links in, but my tools of trade are really simple:

  • Hosting: Arvixe
  • Domain: Namecheap (but you get a free one when you sign up with Arvixe)
  • SEM Rush: My multi-purpose all-around tool. (I do have access to Ahrefs and Moz also, but honestly, unless you are an agency, you do not need all 3 of these)
  • Übersuggest: Free keyword research tool
  • Soovle: Free keyword research tool
    (I also have Longtail Pro, but in my opinion, keyword research tools are overhyped. Soovle is just amazing, combine it with Keyword Keg, Excel and voila!)

PS! Surely I could hype up all these tools and so much more with garbage affiliate links, but I’m after something much bigger: I’m after the Christmas!

PS.S! In case you wonder how I have all these tools available while being relatively broke, I’m going to leave you a little secret: I have them all for free, that’s one of the benefits being a SEO freelancer if you co-operate with other agencies, you get into their shared plans! More about in my upcoming post on how to become a freelancer and land your first client. 


How this is going to work

I’m going to finish keyword research, build up some content and start regularly posting updates if anything interesting is happening around. I don’t have a strict plan for how many posts I’m going to do, but surely stay tuned!

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