Digital nomad must-have gear, low budget edition

After you’ve found on how to become a digital nomad then now you’re going to need to get some Nomad equipment! Hell yeah! But I’m not talking about a Macbook Pro, iPhone and one fancy Nikon DSL camera that’s worth more than my whole net worth. No, today we’re talking about the low budget gear for a digital nomad. Low budget and digital nomad go hand-in-hand if you weren’t already aware of that! I won’t bother with you useless luxuries, just the essentials you need to survive.

Here’s the absolutely, critical, most essential items as a nomad you will need at the lowest price.

Essential must have nomad gear list


Durable, low budget, reliable Work Station

The best bet for a durable, digital nomad work station would definitely be the HP Elitebook series, two particular models have really proven to be worth it. These are older business class laptops that come with all possibly outputs one could need and pack a mean processor to withstand photo- and video editing. Note: This is not a gaming laptop. This is a budget machine that mainly boasts with the best cost to quality ratio.

Introducing the HP Elitebook 8460p


This is a 14 inch screen durable, metal frame laptop that could withstand even a earthquake!


  • Cheap, starting from 200$
  • Can be used as a self-defense weapon
  • Packed with outputs, HDMI, VGA, SD card, Smart card reader, 3-4 USB ports
  • Highly customizable
  • Very durable


  • Heavy
  • Feels old
  • Outdated functions such as CD rom

or it’s younger sibling, the HP Elitebook 2570p, which is the model I am currently rocking!



The only difference is that this model is rocking a 12″ inch screen, which I find to be very suitable because it makes it very portable and easy to drag around. I’ve got experience with all sort of fancy and new laptops, but the HP Elitebook series really have proven to be durable, I’ve dropped them numerous time, but these just refuse to die. They truly are the Van Dammes of computer world – bit old, bit out of fashion, but you really wouldn’t want to mess with one and there’s just a legacy behind them.


  • Cheap, starting from 200$
  • Good keyboard
  • Highly customizable
  • Very durable
  • Small, portable


  • Heavy
  • Feels old
  • Poor keyboard lighting
  • Outdated functions such as CD rom

The best thing about these two models is that they are scalable within your budget, for example if your budget is 500$ then you can get the same durable old schooler with technical specs that blow a brand new 1,399$ Macbook Pro completely out of the air!

The second piece of essential survival gear: durable earphones

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I usually lose or break a pair of earphones every two to three months. No matter whether I had the cheapest Samsung 15$ earphones or quality 150$ pair from any known brand, they would still either break down, go mute from one of the sides or simply get lost.

But as a digital nomad in Thailand, trust me, you’re going to need a pair of reliable earphones, because every now and then the local Thai construction workers start their work from 5 AM and even work on weekends. Besides the construction works, it’s pretty essential to have a headset to Skype etc. Or just simply listen to music every now and then. With good quality.

Introducing you to the whopping 8.99$ unknown earphones!


Now, you might be as surprised as I was, this is the cheapest pair of earphones I found off some Chinese retailer and it was hyped beyond belief in the reviews. These must’ve been fake review, or at least so I thought. But they were so dirt cheap that I still ordered 2 pairs. One for sports and one for office duties. I predicted them to last a month, but much to my surprise I’ve been only using one pair for everything, sports, work, even go to bed asleep with them and have yet failed to crush them with my body, why? Because they’re made of metal. Even the wire feels much stronger and a bit heavier.


  • It’s about 0.5mg heavier than your regular earphones


  • Super cheap
  • Super durable
  • Really good quality
  • Has good microphone
  • Customizeable earbuds

Just check the reviews, these talk for themselves. If you prefer Aliexpress, then there’s identically good pair of earphones that I also have bought, identical to the mentioned above, looks aside.

Alternative: The Chinese miracle, KZ ED starting off 7.14$


Has everything it’s unknown brother has. Can personally vouch for it. I never thought that earphones could even last this long. Been going for almost 2 years strong for me, which beats the average life expectancy of my former earphones about tenfold.

The third and last crucial item for any low budget digital nomad! A pair of durable sandals!

I’m serious! Me, being from Europe, am used to good roads and wearing comfy sneakers, but arriving here, I quickly realized that I’m going to need better footwear. So I got myself some half-assed flip-fops. These lasted me about 2 days and gave me bloody bruises on my feet. Secondly, I got sandals without backend support and I damaged by legs laterally to the point I was limping.

Here’s what you need. A pair that supports the back part of your feet. Something like this, I would recommend you buy this off the local market, to get something more to your taste.



  • Ugly
  • Really ugly


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Cheap


Conclusion for low budget travel gear

Yup, a durable laptop, durable earphones and comfortable sandals is all you need. Low budget gear and you’re sorted with less than 250$. Off you go!


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