Alright what’s all this about? SEO Nomad, who are you and what is this blog?

Hold your horses! I might be a new face on the scene, but definitely not new to the world of internet marketing. I’m a 24 years old notorious annoyance from Estonia who has failed far too many times to count, but who just refuses to give up. Giving up is just not in my blood.

Through my failures from affiliate marketing, blogging to all the way to human social dynamics – I’ve finally experienced enough to re-write them into thoughtful lessons instead. I’m a man of many talents and skills, but this blog embraces my start as a digital nomad. Before that I rocked as a sales manager, sales coach, sales team leader and a top salesman in a globally known company. Before starting my digital nomad journey I was in talks with local publishers to put out a sales book and I’ve even been featured in numerous news with sales topics.

Featured in local news

Featured in local news, yours truly. 

Sales this, sales that, what does this have to do with SEO?

Despite my strong background in sales, this was never my true passion. I got started with sales by accident and I was just obsessed to succeed, but quite frankly I am a very introverted goofball who still struggles with even basic human interaction, every now and then. But it’s been a good run.

Long before I ever got started in sales I had already been sold the dream of internet marketing. It started the most typical way ever, I might’ve stumbled upon an ad of Google Sniper (anybody remembers this product?) that taught people to build niche sites and dominate Google with them. From there on I found Warrior Forum and some completely useless, dream-selling WSOs that never took me anywhere besides debt. This must’ve been 8 years ago. I never really gave up, I just failed so much over the course and got stuck into being a classical case of a keyboard warrior. No more. 2 Weeks ago I hopped on a plane and came to the SEO capital of the world, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Only to find out that I’ve fallen for another infamous sold dream, yet again and started hearing horror stories about people going broke and moving back to their parents’ houses. This blog stands as my journey to not fall victim for this occurrence.

Amongst a lot of my failures here are some of my most notable ones that failed for one reason or another:

  • Co-founded a seasonal shisha rental
  • Founded a web design agency
  • Founded a T-shirt clothing line
  • Got banned from Facebook for selling T-shirts (ouch!)
  • Spent 3 months savings on adult media advertising (ouch!)
  • Quit the one thing that was working extremely well for me (sales)
  • Denied a top level management offer in a multi-million revenue company

SEO Services and portfolio

As I am The SEO Nomad you can bet that I have something to show for my credentials. I’ve lost a majority of my SEO portfolio within the time-frame of 8 years to mostly not being able to afford paying for the domains or my clients having went out of business (start-ups and online businesses tend to do that) but I do have one site.

Just for a prank purpose to test my SEO knowledge, I tried to rank for the keyword “SEO services” to see if that’s doable, I expected professional agencies to be far better than me with way bigger budgets than I was rocking, I was aiming for top 10, but I broke top 3 quite easily and within half a year I became #1 on Google for the keyword “SEO services” which you can read more about by downloading my case study completely free by signing up to my subscribers list. I still pick up freelance gigs and consulting, if you’re looking for some advice, hit me up, I provide free SEO analysis on your website and we can go from there!

Search results in local Google.

Search results in local Google.


Blog focus

I do not limit or restrict my topics, I know there are plenty of blogs in SEO niche already, but quite frankly I’m not afraid of competition either. But I plan to write about generating passive income, SEO strategies, psychological sales techniques, digital marketing and my most hilarious topic: the journey of becoming a digital nomad. From my struggles to successes, all the way. As honestly and bluntly I can, I will not censor my posts to please everybody, I’m not here to please people. I’m here to teach you a lesson: don’t fail as much as I have. Get started much easier and faster than I did.

Upcoming plans

I plan to venture into creating SEO case studies, adult media buying, Facebook PPC campaigns, product vendoring and course creation. I will also plan to serve all these to you as bluntly I possibly can!

You seem like a cool fellow, can I contact you?

Yes, please! I’m a firm believer in networking, whether you are a fan or a hater in denial, I’m open for all messages. Business inquiries, guest posting, joint ventures, ideas, masterminds, meetings, events. Shoot a mail and lets talk! My contacts are in the footer and header of this blog.