No catches here. The real deal, you submit your website and I’ll get back to you in 48hours.

What does this audit include?

I will provide a deep analysis on your current website and rate the following aspects:

  • Technical SEO on a 10 point scale
  • Off-page SEO on a 10 point scale
  • On-page SEO on a 10 point scale
  • Content Marketing on a 10 point scale
  • Social Signals on a 10 point scale
  • Keyword usage on a 10 point scale

And final summarized rating! That’s it!


What’s it in it for you?

Well, you will find out in what state your website is right now SEO-wise and also if there’s anything to further improve. That’s free professional advice 🙂

What’s it in it for me?

I get to experiment different reports and methods to make it visually easy to understand. I’d only ask a tad bit feedback about whether you were satisfied with the SEO audit or not.

Okay, so how this works?

Just send me your website URL (only one site per one person) and wait for my response! Easy! You have nothing to lose 🙂 walter(at)