Twitter Lead Generation Simplified: How To Get Clients Through Twitter

I used Twitter years ago, but without much success so I stopped Tweeting, but after creating this blog I decided to give Twitter another try, but this time with a firm strategy to land SEO clients as a freelancer or a consultant, but I’m more than sure you can figure out how to apply this strategy to fields other than SEO.

Reasons to use Twitter as a freelancer?

  • Targeted traffic
  • Time-effective
  • Endless ways to automatize everything
  • Make more money, duh

This simplified tutorial is going to show how you can get leads from Twitter almost with an almost automated system. First things first, after creating your account you should know what niche you’re trying to aim for. Secondly, you’re going to need get Twitter followers.

How to get more Twitter followers?

First you follow other, active people in your niche and then pray for some to follow you back. Yup, that’s it. No tricks. I was very surprised I got almost a 50% following return rate. Were you expecting me to tell you to create an automated content based funnel to convert trending hashtags into followers? I’m not going to do that, because we want real people, real clients. I’ve found manual following to be much more effective than automatic, which allows you to target better. Now you must be thinking

Now you must be thinking that ain’t nobody got that time for that. Well, following 500 people on Twitter took me 15 minutes on a toilet, so you better stop making excuses. Wouldn’t go too overboard with that tho, as you will get banned.

Alright, so now that 50% of your targeted Twitter users have followed us back, what’s next?

How to turn followers into business leads?

Well, this is where epic twitter automation systems come into play and in my experience, Social Oomph is the best in quality-price ratio wise. Social Oomph is an impressive Twitter tool that every freelancer should have that’s starting at only 2.77$ and from it’s endless list of functions you can read from their homepage, we’re going to use the following: scheduling tweets, URL shortening and automatically send DMs to new followers. Couldn’t recommend it enough, but this is the most important key part. Now time to bring your copywriting skills into play and out-do your competition, time to hook clients in, but how?

How to hook clients in?

I’ve found the easiest way to be either start with a video introduction about your niche and making it clear how you could possibly help them or using a free incentive, which is what I am doing right now by providing free SEO audits. Now, my audits are not automatically generated garbage that force anybody to buy my SEO services and sometimes my audit concludes that the person/website/business is not in need of any additional SEO services and is doing everything right. But when I do identify a flaw, I also make the proposal to fix it. This strategy has been converting pretty amazingly well for me! Not a rocket science either!

How to become an authority on Twitter

Now hooking a few clients in by following hundreds of people isn’t going to do it. There’s a reason why people use Hoot Suite and similar tools so much to automate their Twitter behavior – IT WORKS. To grow your account the best thing you can do is by adding more value. How to do that? If you have a blog, great, you can automate your blog posts to appear on Twitter every now and then, just play around with titles and get creative.

Don’t have a blog? No worries! You could share other blogs and content in your niche, the authors would definitely be flattered and you get an opportunity to network with new specialists in your field and your followership is likely grateful for quality content.

Mix that with some occasional trending tags in your niche and you can soon start see people finding your Twitter organically, follow you, get the automated message and depending on how compelling your writing skills are – you can turn this into an evergreen lead generation channel.


It’s as simple as this and there really is no reason for missing out on so many potential leads! Good luck!

Enjoyed this simplified strategy? Leave a comment and let me know what could be improved!


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